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Tips of When you are looking at Kids Play Gear

If you have room in your yard, adding kids play gear can help your kids have fun and be active, without having to go far from home. Since many kids play gear is used heavily, you need to pay attention to all the details when you install it to make sure that kids play gear is safe, and that children can play on it in a safe manner. To keep your children safe while they are having fun, you should consider the following:

  • Size

Catalogs and pictures online can give you an idea of the size of the kids play gear; however, it is hard to comprehend how much space you are going to need from just from seeing a picture. If the play gear that you are interested in has the measurements online or in the catalog, you should head outside and measure the area where you are planning to install it. Most play gear companies recommend that a meter and a half be left around the whole play set.

  • Location

Next to the amount of area that you are going to need for the play gear, you also need to think about where the play gear is going to be installed. Most play gear needs to be installed on solid, flat ground, which is not near anything that is too hard, like concrete or brick. The best option is to have about a meter of protective material around the play gear, but you can just have grass around the play gear.

  • Size

When you are looking at play gear, it is important to pick the option that is the right size for your child’s age and size. If you are planning to have the play gear be around for most of your child’s childhood, pick an option that can be enjoyed at different sizes and ages.

  • Anchoring

Some play gear is going to need to be anchored to the ground, and will be designed so you can do this. You should make sure that when you anchor the play gear that your adult weight is not able to wobble or break the play gear. Once the play gear is secured and checked, cover the bolts, hooks or exposed edges, to make sure that it’s safe before you allow children to start playing on it. If you have play gear that is not anchored and is moveable, you should still check to make sure that all the bolts and springs are covered.