Tips on Choosing a LED Light bulb

When you are trying hard to cut down on monthly expenses, you should take a closer look at the lighting options used in your home too. One of the best ways of reducing electricity consumption is replacing regular bulbs with LED lights that consume less energy and last longer. Not surprisingly, several manufacturers of Led home lighting have entered the market in recent years as customers become more aware of the benefits of this technology and demand more options. You too could bring in a change by installing LED lights at home after selecting the right models.

Why Opt for LED home lighting

The best thing about LED lamps is their longevity. Studies show that one LED lamp can outlive five CFL lamps or forty incandescent bulbs. They are expected to last for more than 10-15 years which means you have ample time to recover your investments. It also means no more hassles of frequently changing bulbs that burn out too quickly.

Secondly, LED lamps are highly energy efficient. Statistics show that LED lamps use almost eighty five percent less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. This means less electricity bills and lower carbon emission (consider this as your contribution towards a greener environment).

Lastly, in LED technology most of the energy is converted to light whereas in regular bulbs a significant part of the energy is released as heat. This makes LED bulbs extremely safe to touch even if they have been working for hours.