Real Estate

Tips on Conveyancing

When selling your property to another person, there are many rules to follow for a smooth transfer of documents. Conveyancing is a process that involves a lot of paper works. The services of lawyers are needed so as to avoid any disputes between the two parties. Below are some tips on how you can have a problem-free transfer of real estate properties:

Be communicable

All your contact numbers, including email address should be available to your agent. In this way, the agent can easily get in touch with you once there are prospective buyers. Deals can be closed faster if the vendor can be contacted immediately and if there are queries, you and your agent must answer them right away. In conveyancing, immediate response to the prospective buyer is crucial.

Encroachment issues

On the part of the vendee, be sure that the property that you wish to purchase has no encroachment issues; otherwise, in case a legal case is filed for encroachment, you, as the new owner of the said property will be accountable. Hire the services of a surveyor who is knowledgeable on the issue of boundaries.

Financing scheme

In conveyancing, the buyer must apply for bank loans immediately. There is usually a contract as to when the payment is to be given to the vendee. Once the contract has been signed between the two parties, you must abide with the financing scheme stated on the contract; otherwise, you will be charged with penalties.

Qualified inspectors

In conveyancing, the moment you have agreed and signed the contract for transfer of real estate property, you, as the buyer needs to look for building inspector immediately. You need to hire the services of pest and swimming pool inspector and be sure that they are licensed inspectors and they are authorized by the government to check the building and the swimming pool.

Fix your property

If you want to sell your real estate property, make it look very appealing. In conveyancig, there are many sellers out there and you need to compete with them. Improve the exteriors of your home because that is the first thing a buyer can see. Make the garden as beautiful as possible. Clean the interior of your home before opening it for inspection.

Hire an agent

The best way to sell a property is through an agent. They have many contacts and they know how to price your property. They can also help you look for a lawyer to do all the legal works in transferring of the title.

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