Home Maintenance

Tips on Taking Care of Windows and Shutters in your Home

There are several window designs because home construction companies are as creative just as the market is demanding. There are many things you should consider when it comes to the maintenance and repair of windows and shutters. Common factors include the number of windows, the design of the home structure, the paint work, and the size of the window among many others. While many consider casement and louvered windows an aesthetic addition to any home design, the truth is that they also serve an important purpose just as any other window designs. This means you must take god care of the windows to get the best service from them.


Common problems when looking at windows include failing hinges and peeling paint. These problems affect all designs of windows including casement windows. Shutters can easily fail just like ordinary locks. Rust or corrosion can cause serious problems especially if your shutters are not oiled and serviced regularly. To make sure you do not have shutters getting stuck, make sure you oil and lubricate them regularly.


Hinges can easily dry out and because they are constantly moving, they also need basic lubrication. It is also advisable to make sure you choose quality hinges to avoid frequent failures. There are many things that can lead to hinges getting creaky and sticky. They include run off water getting to the hinges, rain water and in some cases, animal droppings considering that birds like perching on windows in quiet neighborhoods.


The painting is another aspect that you cannot ignore when dealing with windows and their shutters. Paint often peels out with age or exposure to direct sunlight or rain water over a period of time. To avoid such a situation, you can make sure you design your windows to protect them from such exposure. You can also make sure you repaint your windows regularly as soon as you detect signs of peeling on the surface. There are certain paint products that are completely water resistant, which means that the paint will not deteriorate because of harsh weather.


Glass on windows can get broken for many reasons. Sometimes the wind or people can bang your windows leading to shattered glass. In other instances, falling objects such as stones can cause your windows to crash. There are instances where birds have crashed into windows at high speeds and broken them too. All these are situations that you need to address on a case by case basis by contacting experts in installation, repair and maintenance of windows and shutters.

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