Trends And Changes In Business Cards

Business cards bear information about a company, institution or individual(s). Business cards come in different designs depending on different tastes and preferences of the user. The type of paper you print your business card on can make a great first impression on potential employer. Business card design contain the issuer`s name, company, business logo and contact information such as cell phone number, email address, website, social media addresses and any other relevant information.

Traditionally business cards contained name of the company, contact information, addresses; and it used to be written in a plain white stock with a black ink. Business card design have embraced new technology and they are able to modify the business card into an appealing design. With the new technology, designers can know modify their business cards into different shapes, sizes, weight depending on personal preferences too. Business cards are of different types and in different designs too, that is, business cards, calling cards, visiting cards, classic business card, social networker’s business card, gadget business card, typographic business card, etc

Business cards are of many types and designs but let’s look at the main ones which are popular with our market trends such as business cards, visiting cards, internet business cards.

Business card design says a lot about individuals who are marketing their profession. With this kind of a business card I will consider a portable business card design of size 89*51 mm (3.5*2 inches). I will also put the name of the individual, profession, address, email and street. They are mostly used by doctors, lawyers, therapists, entrepreneurs etc.

Visiting cards design is mostly issued to people who are on a visit to a certain company or organisation. With this kind of business card design, the kind of information I will put is very minimal concerning the visitor. I will put all the information pertaining the name of the company and since it’s a visiting card I will just indicate the name visitor

Internet business card are also a current trend in the business card sector. These are business cards whereby individuals design their own business cards online or via internet. They tend to choose their own specs, information the business card will contain, its purpose. The kind of information this business card has depends on the kind of information the individual will input

Typographic business cards creatively use typography or text as the design element. Typography is a popular trend for t-shirts but let’s have a look on how the design element can be applied to business card. If you would like to make nice crucial first impression, typographic business card design is the best option to go for