Types of Business Banners

The business banners that are available today come in different types, it is best that you study first the pros and cons of each and find out how your business can benefit from it.  Listed below are some tips on how you can choose the right one for you:

1)    Is it necessary for the business banners Perth to be printed on both sides or only on one side? Study the area where you will hang them.
2)    Where will you hang them, is it indoor or outdoor? The type of materials to be used is dependent on whether you will hang them indoor or outdoor.

3)    How will you use the banner? Is it for exhibition purposes wherein you will only use it once or will you use it continuously for a long period of time.

4)    If you will hang the banners outdoor, what is the weather condition in the area? Is it always windy, sunny?

5)    Measure the place where you will place the banner.



After you have answered the above questions, it is time for you to decide on the type of materials that you want to be used for your banners.

1)    Banner made from mesh- this is a very durable material and this is suited for indoor and outdoor use. The only limitation is that it can only be printed on one side. The printing materials that are used for this type are solvent as well as inks for digital printing.

2)    Banner made from matte or glossy materials- the banners that are made from these types of materials can only be printed on one side but well-suited for many kinds of printing techniques like silk printing.

3)    Banner made from plastics- the banners that can be printed on both sides are made from heavy but smooth-surfaced materials.

4)    Banner made from opaque and glossy materials- these are the heavy duty ones and can withstand all weather conditions.

After you have chosen the type of material, other factors such as accessories are also issues that you need to decide. These are the banner accessories that you need to buy in order for you to display the banners either or outdoor. Examples are ropes that will be tied on the corners. These ropes must be made from sturdy materials to survive strong winds. You also need grommets that will give strength in the corners. And, don’t forget the stands and the hangers.