Types of Drug Possession Penalties

If you are accused with drug possession charge, the court can impose a penalty on you depending upon the severity of the incident. The common forms of punishment are prison sentence, home detention, a periodic detention, CSO (Community service order), suspended sentence, bond of good behavior and fines.

If you are extremely lucky and this is your first offence you might even be dismissed. It’s good to learn about all these penalties in some detail so that you may have a fair idea of what awaits you if you dabble with forbidden drugs.

Evidence of criminal record

If your conviction is recorded in court you are sure to be left with a criminal record. This record will mar your chances of finding good employment and will be like a black spot on your career and character. In general if you are first time offender with a clean history the court will be lenient with you and deal with you under section 10. In this case there will be no criminal record.

Period detention

This involves detention in a centre for two days per week for a specific period of time set by the court. The detention timings usually start from 7 pm of the first day and ends at 4.30 pm of the last day. Generally periodic detention is assigned on weekends so that the person is able to continue his work during the week.

The most severe form of punishment is a prison sentence and this is only levied under the strictest of conditions.