Uniforms: Creating Uniformity in Diversity

Uniforms create uniformity. It can be usually defined as a standard dress code for a particular discipline. It can be rightly defined as creating uniformity in diversity which means people belonging to different caste; creed, region, religion and gender come under the same roof in a uniform. It doesn’t distinguish people under the same discipline which leads to a healthy working environment.

We see people wearing uniforms in different organization, starting from school or college going students to working professionals such as police, army or navy personnel. It brings a sense of commonality and infuses discipline in them; not only it represents the dignity of the Government servants but also earns them respect from common people. Respect is a keyword which all individuals need and uniform clearly define the same. Respect does not only come from the commoners but also from the fellow companions. People belonging to the same stream respect each other. It gives a sense of commonness and creates an atmosphere of equal growth. Colleagues care about each other and other than one’s own growth, the focus is more on the mutual growth. Organizations achieve great strides and prosper as a whole.

Uniforms infuse one of the biggest virtues in human being which is equality. It is rightly said that equality brings peace to a person and to the world. No one likes discrimination and the concept of inferiority or superiority owes much to our dress code. That is why right from the childhood, when a kid enters a school, he/she is given a uniform. There is no discrimination and they eat study and play together. The same holds good for working professional as well. This makes the working environment healthy and the focus is on the work and not on clothing.

There are some industries such as sales, marketing, hospitals and defense who serve their customers and the nation. Here, uniforms are an utmost priority as values of the service that they provide, is represented through it. We all know the uniform standards and can immediately identify the domain of the person based on their uniform. The attire of a marketing person is different from the navy person. This helps them to serve their customers well and customers too approach them confidently for their service. It is justified to say that in a professional life, you earn a uniform. It is considered an honour to receive uniform from the superiors. Not just that, when you wear a uniform you save lot of time to choose from the wide range of attires to wear at your workplace. It saves both time and money.

A uniform belongs to you and creates a sense of belongingness when you wear it to your workplace. There is a normalness in the work area which otherwise will create chaos and complexity leading to an unfriendly environment and the entire purpose of the workplace is lost. Therefore, to sum up it is very important to have uniform, both for students and professionals, to make the world, a peaceful place and preserve virtues like caring and helping others.