Various Ways of Serving Coffee

If you want a slight taste of coffee you can try the latte macchiato. In this, the espresso stains the milk. The coffee is made of less than half a shot of espresso layered with milk and frothy foam served in a short glass.

Cafe Mocha

In this, one third of express, two thirds of skimmed milk topped with chocolate syrup to add to the flavour. The chocolate syrup can either be dark or milk chocolate. It is also prepared with whipped cream and a hint of cinnamon.


Prepared in a porcelain cup, cappuccino contains espresso and hot milk tipped with the foam from the steamed milk. You can see the ring of the cappuccino coffee and the form brimming at the centre.

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Flat white

When you order a flat white, you will get a 30 ml shot of espresso topped with creamy milk. It is served in a cappuccino cup and the coffee art is done on the flat surface of the smooth milk.

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Liqueur coffee

As the name suggests, this coffee is brewed with a liqueur of your choice. It is prepared in specially designed liqueur coffee glass which is preheated so that the coffee and cream will stay separated. The first layer is of the freshly brewed coffee along with the liqueur. Next, chilled whipped cream is added to the glass. The coffee is then peppered with raw cane sugar on top.

Marrocchino is a mix of espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth. Cocoa powder is an essential ingredient in this drink.

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