Construction & Renovation

Wall Planters for Vertical Gardens

The wall planters are designed in such a way that adequate conditions are being provided to the plants to grow themselves in the container. An almost exact replica of natural conditions is prepared for the plant to grow as smoothly as if it were growing outside. Thevents in the structure of the wall planter allow the air to pass through the roots of the plants and keep them aerated. These vents also prevent the plant from becoming completely pot bound. It promotes the organic gardening and keeps the soil alive.

Ease of watering

One thing that makes the wall planting even easier than the outdoor gardening is the ease of watering the plants. The wall planter container has adequate sized holes placed at appropriate places to make watering a child’s play. The self-watering process allows the water to trickle down the plant and store itself in the reservoir at the bottom. This also conserves a lot of water as only about a couple of liters of water is sufficient to keep the plant breathing and soil alive.

The plants in the container are put into the hangers on the wall. The wall planters make it a hassle-free operation. You don’t have to disturb the other plant already mounted on the walls neither wills the drip line be disturbed and the container will subtly land in the hanger in the vertical garden.

You don’t have to wash the plants and remove soil on a regular basis. Also, it is easy to spot infestations since the plants are off the ground.