Web design Tips – What to do and what not to do

Web design is more than just designing websites – it takes creativity and a wide and complete mastery of several computer languages such as HTML, CCS and Javascript just to name a few in order to fully bring out the potential of the website. There are several web design tips and tricks a web designer should always remember in order for him or her to. Here are three important tips and tricks web designers can use when in the process of web designing in order to effectively create a professional website.

The use of Flash

While using Adobe Flash may not be as employed in web design as it was before, some web designers still make use of this in order to give online visitors a quick entertainment or supplementary or detailed information regarding the content of the website. However, Flash should be used wisely; a website should not fully be dependent on using this software because not all online visitors can support Flash on their computers and may be hassled to download Adobe Flash just to launch the website properly. Another think to consider when using Flash is that it should always have an option to be skipped otherwise the visitor will be forced to sit through the whole presentation when he or she needs to go to or read other contents of the website.


With today’s modern technology, websites can be visited not just by computers but also by smart phones, smart TVs and even tablets. However, some websites cannot be opened by these devices which may be a problems should the visitor be having a need to visit this specific website, especially during emergency situations. Web designers should incorporate in their web design the ability for it to be viewed on different devices. This will prove to be quite useful as it can help gain more traffic and visitors can view the website in any known device without any problems involved.


Websites, especially those created for business purposes, should have and must have the appearance that can attract visitors. The web design for these websites should be of high quality and possibly top notched as the website is a reflection of the company or businessman. This is also a factor in getting the attention of the individuals who browse the internet. With the different languages web design has mastered, specifically HTML and CSS, he or she can easily manipulate both the layout and how the website will appear. This can be very beneficial, especially when it is matched with creativity.