Home Maintenance

What Are Gas Fitters?

Gas has a very important role for you both at home and in the workplace, because it has been the source of fuel for most of the appliances you use. Maintenance and repair of your gas fuel pipes should be seriously taken into consideration, since it can be potentially dangerous and can cause disaster.  Only the right people can do the maintaining and repair, the people who are skillful in this particular area of expertise. You hire them to make sure that serious accidents can be avoided.

They are called gas fitters.

What are gas fitters? What do they actually do? Gas fitters Sydney are the people whose work involves installing, altering and fixing gas fuel pipes. Their job also includes detecting and fixing any possible gas leaks from the pipe, connector or connecting joints. They would also check you pipelines to make sure that they are safe and efficient.

However, there are also classifications of gas fitters, according to their scope, capabilities and licenses. There are certifying gas fitters, licensed gas fitters, limited certificate trainee, and under supervision. The certifying gas fitters are those who have the highest certification available, and therefore the most efficient ones to do the gas fitting job. They are the ones responsible for ensuring that the gas fitting work is done completely and correctly. The licensed gas fitters are also qualified and licensed and therefore can also do the job, but their work has to be supervised by a certifying gas fitter. The limited certificate trainee gas fitter can also do the job, even if they are still working their way through being licensed and certified, but their work still needs to be checked by the certifying person if it is done completely. Now, those who fall under the under supervision category do not have full qualification, and therefore not registered. They can only do gas fitting work within the scope that they have knowledge of, as long as they are supervised by a qualifying gas fitter.

It is a bit confusing somehow, especially if you are considering hiring gas fitting services for your home. Of course, you are aiming to get an excellent service, and therefore, eyeing for the right people. The categories of gas fitters mentioned above are certainly in the field of expertise when it comes to gas fitting, however, you have to make sure that they are with a certifying person if they fall under the other categories. Safety is very important, and therefore you should make it your priority.