What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

The natural colour of teeth is white but very few people manage to retain that colour during the course of their entire lives. Somewhere around those endless bottles of cola, never ending chain of cigarettes and those delicious candy bars your teeth must have lost their pearly shine. Often you must have gazed longingly at your reflection and wished for a beautiful smile. However don’t despair as man can supply what nature has snatched away and teeth whitening Bowen Hills is here to solve all your dental worries.

Why do teeth get discoloured?

The teeth has an outer layer called enamel which gives it its pearly white appearance. If the enamel gets damaged due to some reason or it sustains heavy staining your teeth will look yellow and discoloured. This discolouration can happen due to many reasons like drinking caffeine based drinks, cola, alcoholic beverages or certain kinds of foods with staining properties. Whatever be the reason extrinsic stains are easily removable by the correct treatment.

The second kind of teeth staining is called intrinsic staining and this happens when the internal layer of the tooth or the dentine gets affected. This happens due to excessive fluoride intake, antibiotics taken by the mother during her pregnancy, certain kinds of medications and trauma to the teeth. Dentine discolouration is severe and can cause grey, crimson or even amber patches.

Keeping teeth beautiful

If you have bunny teeth, the dentist will chip off the extra teeth in the front. If you have protruding front teeth, the dentist will fix braces to even them out. In case of uneven teeth, he will place special braces that will level them.

Medical facilities like hospitals, nursing home, dental clinics, veterinary hospitals and others produces medical wastes which should be handle with extra precaution. Waste management techniques should be apply at all times when dealing with this type of waste.