What kind of Injuries do those who Work-out Regularly Suffer From

Workouts are a superb way to losing weight, and make you fit, resilient and more powerful. But should you get careless while doing workouts, you are susceptible of getting RSI. Injuries have been categorized into two parts namely, chronic and acute.

Whereas chronic injuries happen when you practice exercises after a long period of time, acute injuries can occur all of a sudden while practicing workouts.

Strain and Sprain

Strain and sprain are the most common injuries. These injuries happen when you fall down or get forceful blow on your body. Repetitive strain injury occurs due to displacement or breakage of ligament. Ligaments are the sets of tissues which join bones and keep them at their place.

Whereas minor sprain causes stretch in the ligament, major sprain might cause complete tear of ligament. Ankles, wrists and knees are the most vulnerable joints, prone to getting hurt while practicing workouts. If you feel pain in muscles, or loss of strength, that might be because of stretched or injured ligament.

Shoulder and Back Pain

Improper posture while practicing various exercises or over stretching might cause severe pain in your shoulder and back. Common symptoms of shoulder and back pain are difficulty in moving your body, difficulty in sitting and standing, and persistent pain in these body parts.

Stress fractures make it difficult for the victim to make movements. Most common symptoms of stress fractures are incessant pain, swelling, and skin turning red in the fractured area.