What Kind of Wedding Flowers are Suitable for an Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful experience. It would be like sharing you happiness with Mother Nature and communing with her wondrous creations for your new start. But apart from the romantic ideals, outdoor wedding can be tricky when practicality kicks in. The weather can play spoil sport or bugs can attack the wedding party and it is important that you cater for multiple eventualities while saying I do outdoors. Wedding flowers are the most import part of the décor in a marriage ceremony. Outdoor wedding needs a floral décor which goes with the setting and one need to choose wedding flowers which are suitable for the occasion.

Never use fragile flowers

Fragile flowers like poinsettias, roses, and lilies may wilt under extreme hot conditions. You need to choose flowers like carnations, asters, dahlias, and gerberas etc as wedding flowers for the décor. The fragile flowers can be used in bouquets, bands, baskets or lapels. The table setting should have a hardy centrepiece which includes cones, wood or tough wedding flowers like bird of paradise or orchids.

Use mostly leafy décor like a trellis on the arches or ivy sprigs to get a natural look for the wedding area. Be open with your florist and insist on knowing which flowers would survive extreme weather conditions. If it is a very hot day make sure that the floral decorations are sprayed with water and are kept fresh for the wedding party.

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