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What Makes A Bad Web Design

Bad website or Web Design will surely make you scratch your head. As the word bad is subjective, you as the viewer would know when you see one.

Nonetheless, in general, there are a few aspects of a web page that makes bad for most users, here are a few:

o Eye catching Web Design

Choosing the right concept will give the best result in terms of being eye catching. Choosing and putting the right images, the right color, the right font and most importantly the right layout will either make your page look good or bad.

o Easy navigation

Web design can be as simple as how most beginners do it, static page without frames, the use of two to three colors, contents and a table menu to wrap it up. Most newbies tend to incorporate scripts and a lot of dynamic contents in their design, making it hard to understand, making it hard to navigate, making it hard to use. Thus, the need to add another page called a ‘Navigation Page’ just to guide the users or viewers about the web page.

o Proper layout

Just like any other material you read or view, you surely do not want to see one window overlapping another window, distorted pictures due to improper insertion of the image in the page layout. An organized page will always look good to most readers if not all.

o Proper use of color

It is just proper to plan the color or colors to use on your Web Design. Often it is best to just choose from two or three colors and just play around with shades of the said colors for additional accent on the page design.

o Content

Regardless of how good looking your web page is, no matter of how properly planned and how it is properly laid out, if the content does not say anything as to why the page was made, what its purpose is, it would boil down to be a bad page. Imagine a Ferrari that does not have an engine; that is how it will be described by many; pointless, senseless, worthless.

So before you plan to engage in designing your own page, before you even plan to have one. Try to browse the Internet for forums involving or discussing tips and guidelines about designing a web page to assure an eye catching and functional Web Design. Or you can check out for more details on how to improve your website.