What to Keep in Mind when Installing New Security Screen Doors

A security screen door is perhaps the best way of protecting your property from burglars without compromising your access to the outdoors. Each of us wants to feel safe at home and at the same time, we don’t want heavy bolted doors and windows to block our view of nature. Security screen doors are the perfect answer to this predicament. With a security screen door installed, you no longer have to sacrifice your freedom and style for security reasons. Security Screen Door allows free flow of natural air and light; offers great view of your garden or the outdoors and keeps away flies; bugs and burglars too!

Installing your Security Screen Door

Installing security screen doors are relatively simple if you are in the habit of undertaking regular DIY projects and have the necessary tools like a measuring tape, hacksaw and drilling machine. You should also be aware of common safety issues like keeping children and pets away from the work area and always going through the user manual thoroughly before starting the work.

Install Locks and Handles

First, determine which side of the door the lock will be installed and which side will hold the handle. Attach the interior and exterior backing plates to the door panel. Next, fix the inner handle and snib lever on the inner backing plate and the exterior handle on to the exterior plate. Secure both handles with screws. Attach the hinges at the precise location that has been marked for them before. Be sure with your measurements otherwise the door will not open smoothly.

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