What to Know Before Booking an Events Venue

Organizing an event is a tedious task. You have to know every detail of the said event. And one of the fundamental areas when organizing an event is choosing the right venue for it. A choice of wrong events venue can really ruin your preparation. So in order to avoid this, you need to:

Contract for Supplies

Some event managers offer their events venue as a comprehensive package that includes the cost for caterers, beverages, florists, musicians, technicians etc., while others allow you to hire your own suppliers. Do clarify beforehand as you might want to change the venue if you are not satisfied with the enlisted suppliers or if the suppliers cannot provide something that you want at your event.

Sometimes, you may have to pay more than the preset package to get a particular sound effect or flower arrangement. Negotiate in details and always ask for an itemised list to get a clear idea.

An ice sculpture is a showpiece for important events like corporate functions, weddings and others.

Ice Sculpture for Important Events

Since an ice sculpture can be made to last for hours or months on end, the technique used invariably depends on how long the structure is intended to last. A sculpture that is custom-built for a wedding or a festive occasion where it can last out till the entire period of the event is typically crafted in a cold environment.

The sculptor is required to carve out the entire structure quickly so that it can be transported to the venue in one piece and last for at least six to seven hours.

An experienced and skilled sculptor makes use of power tools like chainsaws or sharp chisels, exclusively made for chiselling and cutting through ice. Furthermore, the sculptor has access to state-of-the-art technology to carve out ice sculptures.

To create complex logos and ensigns, and make etchings and engravings on ice, CNC machines and moulding equipments are used extensively. For colour effects, colour gels and sand is used. There are many culinary and art schools that conduct training sessions on how to make sculptures out of ice.

Make your wedding day memorable with an ice sculpture. Celebrate it in a romantic wedding venue in Brisbane.