What your Choice of Shoe can Say about You

Trying to deduce a person’s personality from his shoes seems like something that only Sherlock can do, right? But recent studies have shown that even strangers can learn a lot about you from the kind of shoes you wear. A very recent study was conducted by the University of Kansas, in which 208 volunteers wearing different kinds of shoes filled in a questionnaire about their personality type and were then judged by 63 different student volunteers.

In almost all the cases, the students judged the personality type of the shoe-wearing volunteers only on the basis of the shoe they were wearing, and got the guesses right at ‘better than chance levels’.

It is not difficult for others to glean information about your life and your personality from your choice of shoe. Gender is perhaps easy to figure, given the gender specific styles of shoes that are available. But even information about your levels of ‘attachment anxiety’, your liberal leanings, how agreeable your nature is, and how conscientious and open you are as a person can be known from looking south of your ankles. Men’s dress shoes come in various designs, brands, styles, and price range and objectively analyzing your shoe-style can help in predicting a lot about you as a person.


Shoe Style Analysis – is this a real science?

The answer is No. However, it does offer insights into your nature and personality and even how emotionally stable you are; information that a trained psychologist can put to good use. Judging your personality by your shoe sense is akin to judging someone by their sartorial choices.