When To Update Your Website

If you have links that are not working in your website you must be aware that you are simply testing the patience of your users. Similarly if your page is taking too long to load users are going to navigate away fast.

Take care to rectify any dysfunctional features that prevent users from actively utilizing your website. As mentioned earlier people have super short attention spans and having a site that works fast really helps in attracting and retaining traffic.

Hiring a professional web designer to redesign your website is an important task to do. Lack of knowledge about compatibility with different browsers, unaware about the search engine optimazation and others are just few of the traits of a substandard web designer.

Lack of user friendliness

Statistics show that you have an approximate time of 5 seconds to impress a user. If the user is forced to think too hard or is bothered by the lack of simplicity in your website he/she is going to navigate away never to return again.

You can check the bounce rate of your website, it its high it’s an indication of the unwillingness of the user to stay with you. Your online image lacks user friendliness and this sign for you to restructure it.

Low traffic rates

Even if your website is very attractive and innovative it will be of no use to you if people don’t see it. The search engine ranking is very important in the context of visibility of your website. You have to maintain your ranking on the web pages by adhering to certain optimization criteria.

It’s better to employ website design who knows SEO and has experience in redesigning and optimizing websites. Pay per click is also an option though organic SEO is proffered by all leading search giants like Google.