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When to Use Engineered Flooring

Wood floors add so much beauty and elegance to a home. But you can also use engineered flooring Melbourne because this is your best alternative if you are searching for a floor that resembles wood but without the high price it demands. In fact, only those with trained eyes can distinguish between real wood and engineered flooring.

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Defining engineered floor is not complex at all. The engineered floors have the same appearance as wood but without the demand it requires when it comes to maintenance. Plus, of course the cost of engineered floor is something you will be happy about.

With the technology used in engineered flooring, this can be installed practically anywhere in your home. You cannot use real wood in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, but the technology in engineered floors would allow it to be installed even in the bathroom or laundry area.

Engineered flooring won’t get damaged even in high moisture areas because of how it is made. It is made up of different layers,  in fact, engineered floors come in different thickness. The different materials that are used in the construction of engineered floors are core of hardwood, plywood, and the upper layer is made up of hardwood veneer.  The engineered flooring has all the physical qualities of wood but it is referred to as engineered because it is made to withstand heat and moisture. Real wood will deteriorate in a short time if subjected to moisture but engineered floors will not.

Engineered flooring is made to be stable and durable in all weather conditions. By stability and durability it means that this engineered floor is made with different ply planks which prevents any twisting and will retain its flatness even on hot, humid, and cold weather condition. Some engineered floors have five layers while some are made with up to seven layers of plywood and hardwood.

There are basically three ways as to how engineered floors are installed. First, it can be nailed on top of a plywood sub floor. Secondly, the engineered floors can be glued down on the sub floor by using a one hundred percent urethane adhesive. Lastly, the engineered flooring can be done through floating installation.

The colors come in different hues of light brown to dark brown to burgundy colors. The patterns can also be cut according to your own preference.

Engineered floors normally come with twenty five years of warranty.