Why Choose Bamboo Floor?

You are to make home renovations or perhaps planning to build your own house. You may already have decided to go for oak wood floor planks or other wood, but you may want to reconsider this, here are a few benefits in choosing Bamboo floor Perth.

Said benefits are as follows:

• Renewable resource – It is a given, because of renewable resource, given that bamboos are not trees but rather are another type of grass, therefore, it grows faster than trees, main reason most invest in manufacturing Bamboo Floor. Usual trees take twenty years or more, may even reach one hundred twenty years for some trees to mature. A matured bamboo that is ready for harvest would only take five years. Apart from that given fact, the harvested bamboo leaves the roots still planted in the soil; its roots spread widely thus a sturdier grasp of the soil.

• Easy installation – Bamboo Floor are easy to install, given the said planks are or were designed to have interlocking edges, and a pattern or design that have vertical or horizontal grain orientation so installer would not go wrong.

• Style points – there are quite a few options to chose from with Bamboo Floor planks, as this type of floor plank comes in horizontal grain orientation and vertical grain orientation. Apart from choice in shade or color, often times produced in darker shade or color to adapt the color of oak wood.

• Material handling – cleaning laminated wood is as easy as cleaning almost any surface. You just need to avoid using chemicals and solutions when cleaning laminated wood. It is best to use dry cloth or mop when cleaning dust and smudge in Bamboo Floor planks. The reason for such care is that excess water or such compound tend to dull the laminate coating, and over time, removing the laminate on the plank which exposes the wood plank to moist, liquid, dirt, oil or grease which will then damage the wood itself eventually.

• Strength and durability – bamboo had been proven to withstand even the most extreme climate conditions, due to its structure; being a grass in structure, having multiple strands, it had been proven to handle extreme pressure or tension.

• Price and availability – Cost effectiveness, it is a given that Bamboo Floor are cheaper in price than oak, maple or any other wood types. And should be available in all depot and warehouses within your vicinity.