Why Separate Team Building Activities Should be Conducted?

We may think that the ones in the higher posts have it easy – the fat pay checks, the lush luxuries, but the truth of the matter is that the ones who make the decisions have it even tougher than the ones who follow the decisions. Team decisions are hard to make and no company has ever had a fool proof history of taking a hard decision without the decision makers being at loggerheads and a heated discussion ensuing in between. And while a discussion on an important topic is good for the growth of the company, it can bring a rift between important members of the team if it goes out of hand. Differences in opinion, especially when people tend to have strong opinions on how best to handle a company issue, can lead to a huge tiff between team members and cause problems later on. The team as a whole needs to understand and appreciate each other’s differences and misgivings, and reach a conclusive decision where everyone is happy.

And this can only be done if the team has a strong bonding where a spat can be forgiven and forgotten, and each team member thinks of the greater good of the company and all his team mates without being biased. The adage ‘like a family’ is nowhere truer than in the core team that makes the big decisions in a company and that needs to stay together to be able to take strong actions.