Construction & Renovation

Wooden Kitchen Floors

Unlike the tile floor on which you can walk a hundred times a day with moist feet or even expose to heat and temperature often, wooden flooring will surely not bear this kind of load. You cannot move metal kitchen appliances on the wood floor as it leads to scratches. Additional moisture, steam or heat which is regular phenomenon in the kitchen area is not bearable by these floors. This way the wooden floors are in for wear and tear on a regular basis and thus not a good option to be used in the kitchen.

Slippery wax cleaners

You may end up falling straight on your face while running on a kitchen wood floor which freshly cleaned using wax cleaners. These cleaners surely make the floor look dazzling and polished, but also are very easy to slip on. Also the wax surface does not absorb water or any liquid, which is dangerous if not wiped off immediately. Non- wax cleaners if used may leave residue, which makes the floor look dirty and stained.

Timber Flooring

Applying the wrong finish on your timber floors can result in edge bonding. Flexible solvent borne finishes and composite finishes reduce edge bonding to a great extent.

There are numerous options available in the market that give you different levels of sheen, right from matt to semi glossy to highly glossy. Depending on your tastes, you can choose the one that you like best.

Besides choosing the right finish, it is also important that you apply it in the right manner. Hire an experienced person to lay your timber flooring as well as applying the finishes. Remember that you are spending a fortune for the timber floors, You don’t want it to go wrong just because you chose the wrong kind of finish.

Revamping your kitchen needs a professional service of a builder and designers. Should you want a customized kitchen designs, contact them now.

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